Nepal government through its concerned agencies should :


  • Declare Nepal National Parks and Conservation Areas plastic (bags and bottles) Free Zone.


  • Amend the ‘2038 B.S.Hotel, Lodge, Bar & Restaurant and Tourist Guide Regulation (1981) that should include a provision towards implementing the compulsory rule to provide clean filtered water to visitors thus providing a viable alternative to plastic bottles that are a worldwide recognized threat to the environment.


  • To ban the use of single-use plastic bags within the boundaries of National Parks and Conservation Areas in all shops, schools, army and police, administration and tourist facilities in these specific areas.


  • Promote information campaigns in schools, local communities, woman associations, all stake holders of the Tourism industry on the negative impact of plastic on human health and wildlife, pollution of water resources, long time damage on the environment and on tourism frequentation.


  • Use all means to inform prior to their arrival in situ all visitors (Nepali and foreigners) of the ban so that they can take the necessary measures ahead of time by bringing their purifying devices or rely on local filtered water provided by the lodges and local shops. Such a ban of plastic bottles has been locally implemented since 12 years between Chhomrung and Sanctuary without any harm on tourist visitors in this area.


  • Entrust the implementation and the monitoring of the initiative to National Parks, and Conservation areas as well as local police check points already present in all mountain areas of Nepal.