Workshop with School Leaders for Plastic Free Zone

29-06-2014 WorkshopSchool representative (left) and journalist Donatella Lorch & Rato Bangala  School Principal Santa Dixit (right).

On June 29th 2014, Plastic Free Himalaya  at Rato Bangala School participated at  the workshop with School Leaders to develop “Environment Friendly School” organized  by  Ministry  of   Urban Development,  Solid   Waste   Management Technical  Support  Centre,    Executive   Director    Dr. Sumitra     Amatya  and co- organizer Rato  Bangala  School.  There   were  more   than    hundreds  of   school’s   representative  participation  including   some  NGOS  and  concerned  Government Bodies. It was a successful workshop  that  created a  great  opportunity to  exchange  the ideas of the best practices    for    Eco- friendly  environment    at    school.  In  the  discussion  of action  plan it was mention  and agreed to make their school a ”plastic bag and bottle free zone” and also agreed not to allow any students to bring packaged dry food items to eat in their lunch.  



Before starting the workshop we had a field trip lead by Donatella Lorch to observe what have we done to our Bagmati river.

As  the purpose of the workshop is to develop  the  strategy  in coordination with  various  school representative  of  Kathmandu Valley  for  waste  management as  well  as  waste  free  zone  school and the one  who   successfully  achieve  the  motto  will  be  rewarded   by  a  symbolic  Flag  which  is  not  as easy to get as  concluded  by  Dr. Sumitra  Amatya.

1111Flag design  presented by Dr. Sumitra Amatya

It is a beginning and we hope we all together in collaboration can bring drastic change into ‘clean and green’ nation. As the current scene of Bagmati  river above shown in the picture is alarming us towards the waste Tsunami, so it’s time to act now though we are already late. ******************************************************************************************************

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