Mission Statement

Plastic Free Himalaya is about envisioning a cleaner and sustainable Himalayas. Our goal is to rid the Himalayas of contaminants and promote tourism that benefits both the local population and tourists in a sustainable and responsible manner. We aim to follow in the footsteps of Bangladesh, Ladakh and Bhutan who have stamped successful “plastic free” bans and taken a step toward sustainable and responsible tourism.

Plastic Free Himalaya is a work in progress; the challenges will be continually changing. Today the culprits are plastic bags and plastic water bottles that are littered throughout our hills, lakes, valleys, streams and villages. We aim to build a strong campaign; gain local, regional, national, and international partners to make the Himalayas free of contaminants.

Create in 2014 under the advice of Jerome Edou and Adhish Gurung in an effort to preserve the Himalayas and the Environment.

Charter members : 

Prof. Ram Thapaliya : President
Mahabir Pun : Vice President
Raju Thapa : General secretary
Seema Thapa Magar : Treasurer
Adhish Manadhar Gurung : Member
Sweta Adhikari : Member
Santosh Bogati : Member
Ajay Kumar Chhetri: Member

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